AKD Venturer


Venturer kayaks are perfectly suited to beginner paddlers of all ages and disciplines, from children to adults alike they will be more than happy to share their paddling experiences together. Often seen on caravan rooftops strapped down safely for the annual family camping trip Venturer kayaks are ideal to take anywhere you wish to discover and explore in the great outdoors.

Venturer kayak sales in Perth, WA represent a significant proportion of the kayak market. Appealing to many families Venturer kayaks offer exceptional stability and have a substantial load capacity of 120kg. They are perfectly suited for many uses including family fun, fishing, snorkelling, surfing and camping. Providing excellent value for money the Venturer kayak is a very popular choice for those wishing to give paddling a try for the first time. Available in a wide range of modern, funky colours the Venturer is sure to please. Families looking for a fun paddling experience together will be very happy with the Venturer Kayak for sale at SPIRIT Paddle Sports and all Pro Dealer Outlets in Perth, WA. Produced locally at SPIRIT’s manufacturing and warehouse facility in Bibra Lake the craft is of premium quality rotomoulded utilising high grade UV stabilised polyethylene for long life and durability.

If kayak sales in Perth, WA are anything to go by, look no further than the popular Venturer kayak for sale at SPIRIT Paddle Sports and all Pro Dealers in Perth and around Australia.


Weight: 17kg
Length: 2.7m
Depth: 270mm
Width: 780mm
Load Capacity: 120kg