Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

The Malibu Two Sit-on-Top has three moulded seat and foot well positions making it an ideal kayak for the family.

It can be paddled by two adults with some extra space for a child (or pet) or by a single adult from the centre seat. The Malibu Two performs well on flat water or in the surf and is very stable suiting the larger paddler.

Length: 3.65m
Width: 0.87m
Weight: 25kg
Bow Seat Width: 0.47m
Stern Seat Width: 0.51m
Center Seat Width: 0.41m
Bow Leg Length: 1.12m
Stern Leg Length: 1.07m
Center Leg Length: 1.07m
Max Capacity: 185kg
Water Bottle Holders and Water Bottles
Carry Handles
Rear Bungee
Flag Holder