P&H Scorpio LV



The Scorpio LV provides a very efficient hull shape that is super stable and very easy to control for lighter paddlers.

With a round chined and slightly V’d hull and generous bow rocker the Scorpio LV runs with waves like no other polyethylene kayak out there. The Scorpio LV is a design that will suit both the professional sea kayak user and the individual owner who are looking for a stable and fast kayak for more exposed conditions with greater all round durability than the composite version.

Length: 509cm
Width: 54cm
Front Hatch: 35.1lts
Day Hatch: 17.6lts
First class design
Based on the Cetus the features of the Scorpio offer the same responsiveness and manoeuvrability without sacrificing speed or stability.
CoreLite construction
Lightweight, durable and more ridged than standard PE constructions.
4 hatch design
Greater storage options and versatility